I am intrigued by how people assert themselves and cultivate ways they want to be seen. We are all unique yet we gravitate towards different communities, social groups, or subcultures for a sense of belonging and acceptance. But who are we underneath our bold fashion choices and the aesthetics we adopt? Does the way we dress reveal anything about our identity? Does it impact how people relate to us? Are we treated differently because of our goth attire or visible tattoos? Are we judged as being depressed, antisocial, less respectable, or unapproachable? Is success completely reliant on appearance or “first impressions”? I am inspired by those with limitless creativity, those who embody art, those who defy convention. I have met many stylish/eccentric individuals and fearless Angelenos who have posed for me at goth clubs, art events, and music festivals. Here are a few portraits from the hundreds I have collected over the past decade.