Dr. Carol Jahshan is a Lebanese American psychologist who resides in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Beirut, she moved to the United States at age 22. In 2010, she obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program. She currently conducts research on severe mental illness as part of the renowned Green Laboratory at UCLA and the West LA VA Medical Center. Carol is a self-taught photographer who greatly enjoys being behind and in front of the camera lens. An important aspect of her artistic work is driven by her desire to explore the realities of people living on the edges of society and document the cultural and psychological aspects of the human condition. Her portraits capture raw emotions blending her warm human connection, love of culture, and eye for detail. Another aspect of her portraiture focuses on alternative fashion and self-expression. Carol strives to create images that both defy and appeal to the mainstream, yet encourage individuality. She is also known for her ability to highlight the hidden beauty of cemeteries and urban decay.

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