Burning Man

Burning Man, one of the world’s biggest contemporary festivals, is a cultural phenomenon that has grown from a small beach gathering into a large-scale countercultural event attracting over 70,000 participants in 2015. Every year, a transient city emerges from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and vanishes after the event is over. Burning Man is a celebration of freedom, diversity, creativity, and radical self-expression. Participants are encouraged to step outside of their constructed social selves and be anything they want to be. Burning Man is not only a festival but also a social experiment designed to give rise to a self-sustaining community. It is a place that allows for temporary escape from mass culture and consumerism. Gifting is an integral part of Burning Man culture. The countless theme camps, awe-inspiring art installations, and extravagant spectacles are passionately created by the attendees themselves rather than provided by vendors. With its 10 guiding principles, Burning Man is often referred to as a utopian vision for today and an antidote for the passivity and alienation of modern society.