I loved glamping on the banks of Mara river, falling asleep to the sound of hippos, drinking chai at dawn while listening to the birds, having a Maasai guide and my private 4×4, driving around the peaceful African savanna with the wind rushing through my hair, witnessing abundant wildlife in their natural habitat, and taking in the most gorgeous sunrise over an expansive grassland dotted with acacia trees. 
My favorite moments were capturing a lioness yawning, spotting a leopard, watching giraffes necking, a pride feasting on a buffalo with vultures and hyenas waiting to scavenge the remains, two cheetahs dragging a dead gazelle, and a baby elephant moving its trunk in the cutest way. I was also lucky to watch Maasai women singing and the tribesmen performing Adumu, their traditional jumping dance. Asante Sana to everyone at Hammerkop Migration Camp for making my experience nothing short of amazing!